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The 7 best indica strains

The 7 best indica strains

The 7 best indica strains!

Ambien is often associated with the word “indicates.”. Ambien is often associated with the word “indicates.”. Indica cannabis strains are synonymous with being couch-locked. Ambien is often associated with the word “indicates.”. associated with the word “indicates.”. equated with indicas. There is no doubt that some indicas can put you to sleep without a doubt; however, you cannot generalize a third of marijuana plants under a single category.

There are thousands of strains of marijuana; some may produce relaxation and happiness, while others may cause drowsiness and fatigue. Some may even make the opposite effect. Knowing your body is key to finding the right strain, and finding the right strain for your body depends on you. To start, we have put together seven of our best indications.

Hindu Kush

The 7 best indica strains

The Hindu Kush mountain range between Pakistan and Afghanistan, named after the original cultivators of the plant, is where the Indicas grow. A compact bulb of its light green flowers usually has a vibrant white glow due to the white trichomes that surround the flowers. Hindu Kush originates from the Himalayas, and it is believed to be the first strain used in the manufacture of hash.

In general, Hindu Kush terpenes have a sweet and piney aroma, while their flavors can be floral, sweet, or piney. In effect, most people expect to experience a relaxing and calm cerebral high after they smoke, something that goes well with a sunset on your balcony at the end of the day. Hindu Kush is a great option if you’re searching for a long-lasting euphoric experience.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights

The famous Northern Lights are just as old as Hindu Kush. This strain has had a profound impact on the world of indicas. In addition to resinous buds and skunky terpenes, this Afghani descendant has resinous berries as well. When you smoke it, you’ll experience sweet and herbal tastes.

In addition to its stinky smell, most people report a powerful body high that leaves you unable to move for the remainder of the night. This phenotype – or the more popular Northern Lights #5 phenotype – may be your best bet if you’re looking to get stoned and burn through a lot of snacks.


Granddaddy Purple

Grand Daddy Kush

There’s nothing more iconic in the cannabis world than Granddaddy Purple. This 2003 cross of Purple Urkle and Bid Bud originated from a cross of Purple Urkle and Bid Bud. GDP was one of the first weed flowers to become a household name in weed culture, despite plenty of other purple flowers being around before it. There isn’t a budtender out there who will not think of this strain as soon as they hear “purp.”.

The buds of Granddaddy Purple emit sweet, grapey terpenes with earthy undertones. If you were to roll grapes in a blunt and buy a bag of grapes, that would be smoking Granddaddy Purple. 




A new indica-leaning strain developed by DJ Short, Blueberry, is one of his best strains with its Afghani (and Thai) genetics. Having compact green buds stacked with an assortment of purple- and red-colored trichomes, this cannabis strain is both visually and aesthetically pleasing.

Like the name suggests, Blueberry has a scent and taste similar to the fresh fruit from a farmers market. These berry terps are visible in both flower and concentrate. Blueberry is usually consumed by consumers who feel relaxed, happy, and slumped-over after consuming it. You might want to give this strain a try if you’re looking for a nightcap that appeals to your taste buds.


9 LB Hammer

9 LB Hammer

Heavy indicates such as the 9 LB Hammer hit your head just like that: like a 9 LB Hammer. 9 LB genetics are usually dense flowers with dark green colors and trichomes that blend with a coat of white. 9 LB is a cross between Gooberry and an OG Kush variety. As for its terpene profile, you can expect 9 LB Hammer to smell earthy and somewhat chemmy while tasting primarily like the former. 

The strain’s lack of terpenes is compensated for by its effects. Those with a heavy head high tend to starfish in bed for the next couple of hours, as the head high gradually creeps into the body.

My experience with 9 LB hammer is that it doesn’t make me sleepy, but it does turn out an awesome stone that makes me wish I had never moved again.


Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit

We couldn’t decide between Grape Ape and Forbidden Fruit for the last fruity suggestion. Forbidden Fruit was my choice because of three reasons: 

  1. It’s one of the most beautiful cannabis flowers on the planet. 
  2. The terpenes are usually pretty consistent no matter who grows it. 
  3. Last week I smoked it with my grandma and she was blown away by how good it tasted.
  1. Cherry Pie and Tangie were crossed to create Forbidden Fruit. The result is an orange flower with a strong purple hue, covered in thousands of hairs, producing a strongly tropical aroma similar to that of guava. You can smoke a bowl of fruit cocktail and it will taste like that, and the effects are very mild compared to purple strains and indicas. Your mood will be lifted, making everything a little funny instead of sleepy and down.



A discussion of indica cannabis strains is incomplete without mentioning the Lochness monster of marijuana: G-13. 

Government Indica Strain 13, or G-13, was said to be a U.S. was said to be a U.S. As stated, the U.S. Government experimented by gathering all of the “best” and “most potent” indica strains from all over the world, then breeding them together to make the Megazord of cannabis strains. Some disgruntled government agent is alleged to have stolen a cut of the plant, and instead of destroying it, he leaked it to the public. This super secret government strain now can be purchased from a dispensary. There is a very slim chance that this story is true, but it is okay to believe it nonetheless.

G-13 will definitely blow your socks off, that much is true. G-13 flower and oil do not matter how you consume them; both produce hunger, relaxation, and sleepiness, making you feel comatose. You won’t go to sleep thanks to its intense high, but you will stare into space while wondering why people don’t have middle names for a few hours afterward.

The 7 best indica strains

Hash Plant Strain


Gorilla Glue Strain


Girl Scout Cookies Strain


Ghost OG Strain


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Chemdawg Strain


Cannatonic Strain


Brain Freeze Strain


Blue Dream Strain


Black Widow Strain


Banana Kush Strain


AK 47 Strain


Lemon Sour Diesel Strain


Lemon G Strain


Jack Herer Strain


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